Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Luca Congi on the Sportscage

After the news came down yesterday that the Saskatchewan Roughriders released punter/place kicker Luca Congi he was kind enough to respond to my emails and make an appearance with Mitchell Blair and Kelly Remple on the Sportscage this evening on 620 CKRM. Here's an almost word for word account of what he had to say from home in Ontario. (I cant type as fast as he talks to I may miss a few words but you'll get the jist.)

Q: Did you see this coming?

I mean, I had an incling that something would happen whether it was a pay but or a release because I was healthy and not playing, so I started to think that it was a possibility.

Q: Were you healthy this year?

I was more than ready to go, felt I was stringer than I was before my injury. I worked out hard in the off season and I learned a lot about rehab and working out and so I was able to progress further than I ever had. I was more than ready but it just didn't work out.

Q: Is it sort of surreal that after one play this is where you are?

It is, I never thought that when my injury happened I never thought I would never kick again for the Riders. I just wanted to get healthy and get back on the field, to put the work in to get back to playing football. But things happen that you cant control and you have to roll with the punches. So I'm just getting ready for what comes next.

Q: So what happens next?

Its my agents job to search for the next opportunity for me. I'm just taking this time to think about things and spend time with my family for the holidays.

Q: In terms of timing is it hard with the holidays or does it matter?

No, Brenden Taman was very up front and good to me throughout the off season. If the Riders decide to go in a different direction that's their decision but as a player its nice to have more time to find a new situation. If they hadn't released me until later on than it would be a lot harder to find a new team because if they needed a kicker they may have already brought someone in. The timing doesn't matter its always a tough pill to swallow.

Q; Have you looked at teams that may need your services AKA WPG CGY or TOR?

Truthfully no, I took the news yesterday and want to take some time. When I'm ready to move on I will. In the end its my agents job to find out who's interested and who's not.

Q: Most Memorable kick besides in the 2007 Grey Cup?

So many great moments..........probably my first year when i kicked the game winner against the Allouettes, memorable because it was my first year. There's a lot of them.

Q; Last words?

I have received so much incredible support. I really felt like I was apart of the family and Regina was my second home. I loved every minute wearing the Green and White and being apart of this incredible tradition. I loved running out of the tunnel at Mosaic Stadium, it took my breath away every time and I will never forget that feeling. I loved every minute and every fan.


It was emotional at times for Luca who got a little choked up when Scruffy asked him about his most memorable kick. He obviously loved being here just as much as the fans loved having him. But thus is professional sport and though its hard to see him go, I have no question in my mind that he will thrive somewhere else. Another team will be getting a very good kicker and even more than that, a very good person.

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Big mistake getting rid of this guy