Tuesday, August 9, 2016


"We believe we can host the best Memorial Cup in the history of Canada." That from Regina Pats co-owner and Governor Anthony Marquart as the team will bid for the 2018 Mastercard Memorial Cup.

The 2017/18 season marks the century anniversary of the Pats organization and Marquart believes that, alongside the milestone for the CHL makes Regina a perfect place to hold the 2018 tournament. "This is the first step in a multi-step process. We as an organization intuitively believe it is the right fit. It is out 100th year anniversary, it's the Canadian Hockey Leagues 100th year anniversary. With the Memorial Cup, our proud history, the Memorial Cup being named after those soldiers that lost their lives fighting for our great country in World War One. We want to host this event and we are excited."

2018 was projected to be the year for a QMJHL team to host the tournament based on the three league rotation but Marquart says that has changed as a result of the 100th anniversary. "That's a decision that was made through the Canadian Hockey League where one or two teams from each of the league will have the opportunity to submit and present on a national bid and as far as I understand this is the first time this has occurred. So it's a significant undertaking for the Canadian Hockey League, it's a lot of work for us here in Regina. We also believe we are well suited and ready to march forward and put together the team to make an application."

Marquart says he is confident his team will be built to compete. "That's certainly one of the key elements of the application, the quality of the team itself. We feel very confident with our players and our coaching staff that yes we will be very good this year but we will also be very good next year. So we believe we are well suited to handle the hockey side of the equation in terms of being a competitive team for next year."

The Brandt Centre was built almost 40 years ago and Marquart says he expects there will be some improvements needed for approval as the host facility. "We believe so, having said that we are awaiting a facility report from the Western Hockey League to give us guidance in areas that need improvement at the Brandt Centre. We should have that shortly. What we can then do is work with the City of Regina, work with the Exhibition Association, see what we can do collectively to make the improvements as suggested by the WHL and then we will do our best to get it done."

The next step in the process is putting together a team to head up the bid process.

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